Join Ebby

Help us build the number one go-to place for on-demand delivery.

Join Ebby

Help us build the number one go-to place for on-demand delivery.

Working together at Ebby

We’re building a logistics platform for on-demand deliveries.

It takes a team to create something big. Together we work on tough problems, with the goal of allowing people to get what they want, so they can spend their time on what matters to them.

How we work

We want to build a work environment where people are happy, productive and excel.

Exploring in particular is something we emphasize. Whether it’s with technology, ideas or something else. We try to find people that others want to be around. Internally we’re transparent, and odds are you’ll have a foot in every door of our business.

At Ebby we’re committed to creating a tight-knitted work environment with people that dare to explore, think new, seeks simplicity, and understands that good is not great. Regardless of gender, education, age or other personal characteristics.

Who we look for

Ultimately we look for people that can relate and fit with our culture and our values:

  •   Good is not great
  •   Explore
  •   Simplify
  •   Connect
  •   Compound

Current openings

We’re hiring for different positions. You’re welcome to work in our office, or remotely.

Frontend developer

We’re looking for a Javascript developer to mainly help build and improve our driver app.

You’ll be working on scaling and implementing new features that are at the core of our business. As-well as contributing on the web platform.

Things that are relevant to us

  • Expert knowledge of Javascript, and experience with React and/or React-Native.

  • Experience in working with APIs, and a familiarity with server-side MVC frameworks.

  • Good grasp of HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Exposure to Swift/Objective-C and Java is a plus.

Backend developer

We’re looking for a backend developer to help scale the platform.

You’ll be working on things like payment and bank APIs, dispatch (selecting the best driver for an order), queueing systems, internal tools, algorithms and general optimizations, as-well as our own API.

Things that are relevant to us

  • Full-stack experience with an MVC framework, such as Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Elixir/Phoenix.

  • Evidence of exposure to algorithms and working with APIs.

  • Good knowledge of web best practices such as test coverage, caching etc.

  • Experience with Postgis, geofencing and routing engines is a plus, but not required.

How you're evaluated

Our hiring procedure is quite different than most companies. Usually we have around 4 to 5 interviews. These are split into:

  • Phone / Skype interview. We’re trying to learn more about who you are, personally and professionally. What are your interests? What are you currently / have you previously worked on?

  • On-site / Remote technical interview. This part is split into 4 parts. Structured to simulate work you’ll do on a daily basis at Ebby.

    • Design and implementation

    • Bug squash

    • Refactoring

    • Pair programming

  • The last two interviews are what we call cultural interviews, these are done by 2 different people that have no relation to the position you are applying for. These interviews carry a lot of weight in the hiring decision. What we’re looking for here is a cultural fit. Think of it as talks, where we get to know each-other.

Interested? We’re excited to get to know you!

Send an email to, telling us about yourself. Think of it like a cover letter.